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Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: P6C-8
The legendary Bostitch P6® Industrial Stapling Plier Stapler offers you the famous Bostitch® B8® performance in a heavy duty plier stapler! Designed for high volume dry cleaning, retail, manufacturing and packaging operations. The easy squeeze lever action offers you powerful penetration with minima..
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Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: PC2K
The PC2K Powerslam by Bostitch® is a hammer tacker for intensive use. It uses STCR5019 staples in 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm The stapling hammer has a Quick-load magazine vor 2 sticks STCR5019 staples (so less reloading) and tool-free jam clearing. Ideal for insulation, plastic sheeting, roofing pa..
€114.04 €134.16
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Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: PC8000-KIT
Hand tacker PC8000 from Bostitch is a strong staple gun ideal for insulation, plastic sheeting, roofing paper and moisture wrap. The stapler comes in a practical case together with 1.000 staples 6 mm, 1.000 staples 10 mm and 1.000 staples 12 mm. This staple tacker fires power crown staples typ..
€46.13 €61.50
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Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: PS17-E
The Bostitch PS17-E: the lightweight compressor Looking for an easy to transport compressor that doesn't sacrifice on power? The Bostitch PS17-E is easy to transport around the construction site because of its low weight and built-in wheels. In addition, the compressor also has an extendable hand..
€370.00 €494.00
Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: RC10SQ-E
The compact compressor RC10SQ-E by Bostitch® is more silent as the former model RC-10E. It has a tank of 9,4 Ltr and a 1.5Hp motor. The Oil-free motor and easy access drain valve minimises maintenance and allows for vertical or horizontal storage. The steel roll cage gives an all-over protection.  ..
€235.00 €307.00
Manufacturer: DeWalt Model: DCN680D2
DCN680D2 battery tacker from DeWalt® contains the latest technology in battery-powered fastening tools. The finish nailer handles mini brads (18G) from 15-54 mm and has an easily adjustable depth setting. The included 2.0Ah XR batteries are interchangeable with all other 18V XR devices from DeWalt. ..
€478.00 €569.00
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Manufacturer: BestFix Model: GSM3930
Drywall screws for plasterboard on metal, with a diameter of ø 3,9 mm, length 30 mm These collated drywall screws comes per 1.000 pcs per box..
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Manufacturer: Arrow Model: HT55
The HT55 hammer tacker by Arrow® is a heavy duty stapler for staples type T50. Perfect for roofing, housewrap and vapour barrier as well as carpeting etc. All steel construction in an all chrome finish Anti slip rubber grip handle..
€72.23 €80.25
Manufacturer: BestFix Model: HSP-12
Industrial Plier Staple HSP-12 comes with three attachments. Standard attachment for closing padded mailers. Sword/saber attachment for boxes and trays. Bag Sealer attachment for ice, meat and product bags. The staple plier uses staples type 73 in lengths 6 – 12 mm..
€36.21 €42.60
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Manufacturer: MAX Model: CN452S
The MAX CN452S is equipped with an adjustable air outlet and depth adjustment, double firing prevention, comfortable rubber grip and a loose V nose for wooden floors. The CN452S shoots nails from 25 to 50mm...
€780.00 €975.00
Manufacturer: Rapid Model: BTX10
** ONLY 3 AVAILABLE ** BTX10 is a cordless tacker from Rapid®, suitable for thin wire staples type 53 (4-10 mm). Ideal for upholstery, fixing textiles, picture frames, etc. The flat, short front makes it easy to drive staples in tight corners. The stapler comes wit 53/8 staples (200 pcs). Feat..
€47.41 €59.26
Manufacturer: Rapid Model: ClassicK1
The Rapid Classic K1 is one of world's most sold pliers. The obvious choice for florists, mail rooms, shops, offices and home. Adjustable anvil for pinning. This plier has a chromed surface and a throat depth of 40 mm. This hand plier uses staples 24/6 (6mm) and 24/8 (8mm) and staples upto 50 sheets..
€25.55 €36.50
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