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Looking for a compressor that is oil-free? Oil-free compressors are air compressors that are not lubricated with oil. They produce clean compressed air, are low maintenance and are ideal for applications with high purity requirements. In addition to these oil-free compressors, we offer many other tools. Take a look at our range of pneumatic tackers and order directly in the web shop.

Manufacturer: TRX Professional Gear Model: TRX06-85-OF
The 6/085-OF by TRX® is a silent and compact compressor with an oil- and carefree motor..
€203.28 €232.66
Ex Tax:€168.00
Manufacturer: TRX Professional Gear Model: TRX08-110-OF
Optimal Performance with the TRX® 8/110-OF: The Quiet, Oil-Free Compressor for Efficient Maintenance The TRX® 8/110-OF is not just another compressor; it is a masterpiece of quiet, oil-free performance with unmatched value for money. Why the TRX® 8/110-OF is a Smart Choice: Whisper Quiet Op..
€242.00 €277.70
Ex Tax:€200.00
Manufacturer: TRX Professional Gear Model: TRX08-165-OF
Optimal Performance with the TRX® 8/165-OF: The Quiet, Oil-Free Compressor for Efficient Maintenance The TRX® 8/165-OF is not just another compressor; it is a masterpiece of quiet, oil-free performance with unmatched value for money. Why the TRX® 8/165-OF is a Smart Choice: Whisper Quiet Op..
Ex Tax:€279.00
Manufacturer: TRX Professional Gear Model: TRX270
The 15/270-OL is a bit bigger compressor as the 8/195-OL. Prepared for heavy duty because of the roll cage..
Ex Tax:€550.00
Manufacturer: TRX Professional Gear Model: TRX095
Handy lightweight compressor with soft grip handle and rubber feet. Suitable for most purposes.  ..
€211.75 €268.92
Ex Tax:€175.00
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How do I choose the best oil-free compressor?

When selecting the right oil-free compressor, there are several specifications to take into account. At BestFix we understand that every application is unique. That's why we want to make sure you make the right choice. Here are some of the key specs to look out for:

  • Tank capacity: Our oil-free compressors are available in different tank sizes. This tank capacity varies and can affect how long you can operate continuously before the compressor refills the tank
  • Suction volume: The suction volume indicates how quickly the compressor can suck in and store air
  • Maximum pressure: It is important to know the maximum pressure that a compressor can generate. This will help you find the right tools for the compressor. If you are interested in a specific tacker in our range for the compressor, you can find the working pressure under the product specifications on the product page
  • Noise: Noise levels are also something to consider, especially if noise reduction in your workspace is important
  • Voltage: All our oil-free compressors operate on a standard 230 volt power supply. These are therefore suitable for European sockets
  • Compressor weight: If you plan to regularly move the oil-free compressor, a compact and light compressor is useful

BestFix recommends: a quiet and compact oil-free compressor

An excellent choice is the TRX 8/110-OF This quiet and compact compressor from the renowned brand TRX has an extremely good price-quality ratio. With a generous tank capacity, impressive suction volume and quiet operation, this oil-free compressor is ideal for a wide range of applications.

This silent oil-free compressor has the following product specifications

  • Tank capacity: 8 liters
  • Suction volume: 110 liters per minute
  • Maximum pressure: 9 BAR
  • Noise level: Only 62 dB
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Compressor weight: 18.4 kg

Matching material for the compressor

In addition to the compressors, we also supply associated items such as air hoses, plug-in nipples and safety couplings that are required when using an oil-free compressor. It is important to check whether the plug-in nipples and the safety coupling are also suitable for your tools and the oil-free compressor. Read on to discover the most common compressor requirements so you can purchase them if desired.

Air hoses

Air hoses play an important role in transferring compressed air from your compressor to your pneumatic tools. It is very important to choose the correct length and diameter based on the distance between the compressor and your tool. A short hose limits your freedom of movement, but a long hose reduces the workload. In general, therefore: 10 meters of hose = loss of 1 bar of working pressure

A diameter of the air hose that is too narrow can restrict the air flow. A suitable inner diameter of an air hose in this case is, for example, 8 mm. Flexible hoses are often experienced as more pleasant, as this also has an impact on the freedom of movement. It is therefore good to know that all our air hoses are flexible enough for optimal use.


Use plug-in nipples to connect the compressor to the air hose and then the air hose to your pneumatic tools. Carefully check that the selected plug-in nipples are compatible with the air hoses as well as the connections of the compressor and the pneumatic tool. Type Euro and Orion plug-in nipples are the most commonly used plug-in nipples. It is wise to check the specifications of your equipment before making a choice.

BestFix supplies its pneumatic equipment with Euro couplings as standard. If you prefer Orion, you can indicate this when placing your order. Would you prefer a different plug-in nipple? BestFix offers a wide range of plug-in nipples, so choose the solution that best suits your situation.

Safety Couplers

The use of a safety couplers is crucial on pneumatic tools and compressors as it prevents accidental disconnection, minimizes air leakage, maintains air pressure and significantly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. Shortcuts with the ISO 4414 | ARBO logo are safe and meet the ARBO standard. Prevent unpleasant accidents and handle your tools with care.

Order an oil-free compressor

Are you planning to buy a compressor that is oil-free? Order an oil-free compressor directly in the webshop and we will get to work for you straight away. We supply products of only the highest quality, so that you can carry out your work with ease. Do you have a specific question about a compressor or would you like to receive more information about suitable material? Please contact us, our team will be happy to help you find a suitable solution. Use the contact form or send an e-mail. To contact us directly, please call +31 (0)570 768 737.

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