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BAT anchor nail

Need BAT anchor nails? Corner anchors are crucial building elements that improve the stability, strength and safety of structures. Within the spectrum of corner anchors, the use of BAT (Concrete-Anchor-Pull System) corner anchors has gained increasing popularity in the construction industry. To attach the corner anchors, you will need BAT anchor nails that are especially suited for this purpose. Check out the various lengths of galvanized nails in our web shop and place an order.

Manufacturer: BestFix Model: PT-MC375SP38G1
Galvanised Metal Connector nail PT-MC375SP38G with round head and spiral shaft for the Bostitch MCN150-E. The nails are paper taped and very suitable to fix metal timber connectors Diameter shaft: ø 3,75 mm Angle: 33° Length: 38 mm Qty: 1.000 pcs per box..
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Manufacturer: BestFix Model: MCN400R38GAL
Galvanised Metal Connector nail with round head and ringed shaft. The nails are plastic collated and very suitable to fix metal timber connectors Diameter shaft: ø 4,0 mm Angle: 21° Length: 38 mm Qty: 2.000 pcs per box..
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Manufacturer: BestFix Model: PT-MCN404R
Galvanised Metal Connector nail with round head and ringed shaft. The nails are papaer taped and very suitable to fix metal timber connectors Shaft diameter: ø 4,0 mm Head diameter: ø 8,0 mm Angle: 33° Metal connecting nails PT-MCN404 are available in the following lengths: 40 mm -..
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What are BAT anchor nails?

BAT corner anchors are also known as beam supports or concrete anchor rods. These are mechanical fasteners that are used to anchor structural elements such as beams, columns and walls together. To attach the corner anchors, use BAT anchor nails. These are nails on a paper bonded strip. These specially designed fasteners are made of strong steel and feature a sharp point, cylindrical body and special head for excellent pullout value.

Corner anchors are often used in concrete structures and provide extra strength and stability. In general, installing BAT beam carriers is simple and does not require specialized skills. This makes beam supports or concrete anchor rods cost-effective and easy to use in various construction projects. For example, use the BAT anchor nail PT-MCN404 for a secure attachment.

How do you attach BAT anchor nails?

How does the installation of a BAT anchor work? When attaching corner anchors, for example to support beams, we recommend the use of suitable tackers. These nailers ensure that the installation of the scalloped beams is done in no time. Do you work a lot with ravel carriers? Then you can assume that such a device will pay for itself without time and effort. Place the pneumatic nailer on the beam support and effortlessly drive a BAT anchor nail through the hole in the material.

What is useful to check before attaching corner anchors is the hole pattern. This often occurs in the variation '23/4. This means that the BAT beam carrier has 23 holes with a diameter of 4mm. Knowing this hole pattern can be especially helpful in calculating the amount of BAT anchor nails needed for your project.

Why is a pneumatic nailer used for BAT anchors?

The use of a pneumatic metal connector nailer significantly speeds up the fastening process and ensures a firm and safe connection between wooden construction parts and metal connectors. Be sure to use the tool properly and follow all safety precautions to avoid injury. Always consult the manual of the nail gun for optimal performance.

A pneumatic nailer that is especially suitable for quickly and properly securing BAT corner anchors uses special BAT anchor nails. Make sure that the nails are at the same angle as the nailer (usually 33°). Suitable tackers for attaching BAT anchors are, for example:

The advantages of the BAT anchor nails from Tackershop

  • Excellent grip: the sharp point ensures a strong bond between metal connectors and the building materials
  • Speed ​​and efficiency: the use of the special tackers in combination with the BAT anchor nails significantly speeds up the fastening process compared to traditional fastening methods such as screws or bolts
  • Stability and safety: properly securing connecting pieces with BAT anchor nails makes a building stronger and safer

Want to know more about BAT anchor nails?

Our product specialists are happy to assist you in finding the right tools and materials for your project. Our dedicated team is ready to answer all your questions, provide advice on the best solutions, and ensure that your experience with BestFix's Tackershop is smooth and satisfying. You can contact us by phone at +31 (0)570 768 737. Of course, you are also welcome to send us an email or use the contact form on the website.