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Corrugated cram

Looking for sturdy corrugated fasteners? Fasteners have a crucial role in the construction and woodworking industries. Corrugated fasteners, or corrugated fasteners, are used to join different materials and create stable structures. They offer invaluable value in numerous applications and are simple but effective. Check the minimum and maximum length of your fastener in advance and place an order!

Manufacturer: BestFix Model: CF18
Corrugated fastener type CF18 is 18 mm wide and available in the following lengths: 9 mm - 3.000 pcs per box 12 mm - 2.2375 pcs per box Corrugated Fastener CF 18 is equal to: Bea WM..
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Manufacturer: BestFix Model: CF25
Corrugated fastener type CF25 is 25 mm wide and is available in the following lengths: 9,5 mm - 1.500 pcs per box 13 mm - 1.200 pcs per box 15 mm - 900 pcs per box Corrugated Fastener is equal to: Atro W, CF Bea WS Duofast DFC-100 Haubold WN12,5 Prebena WN Senco WW S..
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What are wave staples?

A corrugated fastener, also known as a corrugated fastener, nail plate or plate nail, is a metal fastening element that is used to connect wooden beams and slats together easily and reliably. These staples are designed to provide extra stability and increase the load-bearing capacity of the structure. They are usually made of steel or brass and vary in length and width depending on the application and are attached with a corrugated staple tacker.

The term "wave cradle" comes from the pattern of raised and lowered areas on the plate, which resemble waves. Due to the shape of the staple, the elements that are attached to each other are, as it were, drawn towards each other, which reduces gaps. This wavy pattern also strengthens the board's grip on the wood and increases its resistance to possible tensile and shearing forces. The corrugated fasteners are used in various projects by contractors, carpenters and do-it-yourselfers.

The benefits of golf staples

  • Speed: One of the biggest advantages of corrugated fasteners is the speed with which they can be applied. Unlike adhesive bonds, which require drying time, corrugated fasteners provide immediate stability and enable quick installation
  • Strength: the staples ensure strong and durable connections, even in heavily loaded applications. The wave-shaped structure increases grip and prevents the attachment from being pulled out of the wood
  • Versatility: They are suitable for different types of wood and can be used in many construction and carpentry projects

Where are wave staples used?

Corrugated staples are used in a wide range of construction projects: from floors, furniture to chicken coops. These fastening elements are important where structural integrity is important. The corrugated staple is often used in places that are not visible in the end result or where a sleek finish is not necessary. This is because the wave staple has a fairly deep weft that is often experienced as unattractive. Staples ensure reliable connections between wooden parts and minimize the risk of loosening, bending or collapse of the structure.

Examples of applications of corrugated fasteners

To help you identify suitable uses for staples, review the following list. Not sure if your project is suitable? Please feel free to contact, we will help would be happy to provide you with a suitable solution.

Wood joints

One of the most common applications of corrugated fasteners is joining wooden parts, such as joining wooden frames, frames and panels. The corrugated fasteners are driven into the wood at a 90 degree angle and provide a strong, durable connection without the need for glue. This makes them ideal for situations where speed and strength are required.

Chests and crates

Corrugated staples are also ideal for assembling boxes and crates. They provide sturdy corner connections and can even withstand heavy loads during transport and storage.

Furniture production

In the furniture industry, corrugated fasteners are often used to join wooden parts such as table legs, chair frames and drawers. Not only do they provide structural integrity, but they also reduce drying time because there is no waiting time required for adhesive bonds to harden.

Wooden floors

When installing wooden floors, corrugated fasteners can be used to secure floorboards together and keep them in place. This ensures an even and stable floor construction.

Repairs and restorations

Finally, the corrugated clamp is also suitable for repairs and restorations of wooden structures, such as repairing broken frames, frames or furniture. They offer a quick and effective way to breathe new life into old structures.

Opt for sturdy staple pins and place an order

Staple pins are a modest but highly valuable tool in the construction and woodworking industry. Are you a DIY enthusiast? Consider adding staple pins to your next carpentry project for a robust and reliable construction. For high-quality staple pins and suitable equipment, such as a staple gun, you've come to the right place at Tackershop. In addition to pins, we have a wide range of other staples and pins.

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