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Corrugated fasteners

A corrugated fastener is a thin strip of sheet metal that has a pattern of alternating grooves. While they are relatively thin, the grooved shape of the corrugated fastener gives it a surprisingly high level of strength and durability.

These fasteners are a common alternative to traditional nails, screws and dowels when it comes to joining woods. Corrugated fasteners are used for both finish carpentry, like rough carpentry and tables and furnishings, including components that are hidden from view.

 Note: Before you buy always check the minimum and maximum length of the fasteners that fit in your tool (mentioned in the tool owner's manual)

Manufacturer: BestFix Model: CF18
Corrugated fastener type CF18 is 18 mm wide and available in the following lengths: 9 mm - 3.000 pcs per box 12 mm - 2.2375 pcs per box Corrugated Fastener CF 18 is equal to: Bea WM..
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Manufacturer: BestFix Model: CF25
Corrugated fastener type CF25 is 25 mm wide and is available in the following lengths: 9,5 mm - 1.500 pcs per box 13 mm - 1.200 pcs per box 15 mm - 900 pcs per box Corrugated Fastener is equal to: Atro W, CF Bea WS Duofast DFC-100 Haubold WN12,5 Prebena WN Senco WW S..
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