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At BestFix Tackershop you can purchase all kinds of fastening equipment and fastening materials . From pneumatic nailers and electric nailers to matching fastening materials such as a staple or not. We not only offer the best price in the case of special offers, but always offer the best price. View the products from well-known brands such as Bostitch from our range and place an order in the webshop. We have an interesting stock. Would you like professional advice in making the right choice for your situation? We would like to hear how we can help you further.

Products in the spotlight

Below are the products that are new in our range, our most sold items and our offers.

How it started

Best-Fix B.V. had its origins in 2003. What started as a modest company has grown over the years into a leading company known for its expertise in the field of fasteners and tools. With a team of experienced professionals, we have built a solid foundation and continue to grow and evolve in line with the changing needs of the industry.

Wide range of tackers, mounting materials and accessories

BestFix Tackershop is part of BestFix. We have a wide range of tackers, fastening materials and accessories. This includes not only electric or pneumatic nailers, but also suturing pliers and all kinds of accessories such as a staple remover and an air hose. Using staples or nails confirm the materials. Using finishing nails from our range, you can then finish the result neatly. We offer the solutions that private individuals need to successfully realize their projects.

To provide a better overview of our interesting range, in addition to we have a number of specialized online stores:

Electric and pneumatic nailers

Which is the best electric or pneumatic nailer for your situation , depends on a number of factors. For example, what type of material do you want to attach, how often do you want to use the tacker, and what type of tacker do you prefer? And is it important to have great freedom of movement, or is it not a problem if the nailer has a cord? And does budget play a role? Naturally, the size of the staples, staples or finishing nails also plays a role in the choice of a particular nailer. In our range you will find a variety of electric and pneumatic nailers from well-known brands such as Omer, Nikema, Bostitch, Basso and Fasco. Do you need expert help choosing a nailer for the intended application? Please feel free to contact us for advice.

Pneumatic nailer

The pneumatic nailer uses compressed air to cut staples or staples with precision and to inject power into materials. The required pressure is built up using a compressor and an air hose. The collaboration between compressors and tackers is ideal for intensive and professional work such as attaching wooden beams or finishing skirting boards, cornices and decorative moldings.

Stick to quality

The core value of BestFix is quality. The company continually strives to deliver the highest quality products that meet the strictest standards. This is achieved by carefully selected brands and manufacturers. Customers trust BestFix for durable and reliable mounting solutions that meet their expectations.

Customer-oriented business

What sets BestFix apart is our customer-oriented approach. We understand that every business is unique and has specific needs. That's why we work closely with customers to provide tailor-made solutions that perfectly meet their requirements. This partnership and emphasis on customer satisfaction has helped BestFix build long-lasting relationships and earn an excellent reputation.

View our range of nailers and accessories

View the nailers, tools and fastening materials from our range and place an order in the webshop. We have a large stock and will ship your order as quickly as possible. We often deliver within 1-2 working days, but you are always welcome to pick up your order.

Do you need advice? You can easily contact us via the contact form , send us an email, or call us directly at +31 (0)570 768 737. We are ready to assist you.

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