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Brads 23G

Looking for reliable and competitively priced 23G brads? For successful finishing, choosing the right fastener is as essential as the tool. Our 23 gauge finishing nails offer an excellent combination of precision and durability. Before placing an order, always check the minimum and maximum length of fastener on your pneumatic finishing nailer. Then select the appropriate length finishing nail and quantity in our web shop and place an order.

Manufacturer: BestFix Model: 23G/
Galvanized brad 23 gauge, also called B6-brad This 23G brad is available in the following lengths: 12 mm - 10.000 pcs per box 15 mm - 10.000 pcs per box Brad 23G is equal to: Omer B6..
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What are 23G brads?

23G brads are thin nails often used for precision finishing woodwork, furniture, crown molding and other delicate carpentry projects. These nails are thin and cause minimal damage to the wood surface, making them ideal for applications where you don't want large visible nail holes. Furthermore, despite their fine size, they have a strong and efficient holding power.

The G in 23G brads stands for the American thickness gauge Gauge. Gauge indicates the wire thickness of the finishing nail. 23 gauge finishing nails have a wire thickness of 0.6 mm. Thinner brads than these do not exist! The 23G brad is therefore specific for an ultra-fine finish. Would you prefer a slightly thicker finishing nail? Below you will find a handy overview of the different sizes of finishing nails and pins in our range.

What is the difference between 23G finishing nails with and without heads?

Aesthetics are of great importance for many projects. Do you want to be sure that the nails are barely visible? Then it is also possible to opt for headless finishing nails. In English, finishing nails with a cup are called brads and this word is often adopted in the Dutch language. Headless brads are known as pins. It is important to note that pins, minibrads or microbrads are not suitable for construction purposes as they do not have the same pull-out value as nails or screws.

What is the 23G brad used for?

  • Interior finishing: perfect for attaching moldings, baseboards, paneling and more, without leaving visible marks

  • Securing parquet floors: the 23G brad is mainly used for laying parquet. These ultra-thin brads are already virtually invisible. However, you can make them disappear optically. You do this by shooting a little deeper into the parquet. Then the floor is sanded. The scouring then falls into the well of the 23G brad. When the floor is further treated, the mounting material will no longer be visible

  • Furniture Assembly: Create furniture pieces with clean lines and refined finishes using our 23G finishing nails

  • Adhesives: brads 23G are also ideal for keeping glued parts in place while the glue dries

  • Minor repairs: Quickly and easily repair loose parts of your interior or furniture with the precision of 23 gauge brads and nails

Pneumatic finishing nailer for 23G brads

23G brads can be attached in combination with a pneumatic finishing nailer. A suitable device that we recommend for this is the Omer B6.35.This pneumatic finishing nailer is for the professional. The combi nailer shoots both 23G brads and the headless pin6. This lightweight bradnailer has a comfortable rubber grip and is easy to maneuver to the desired location thanks to its compact dimensions.

Omer's range of pneumatic tools are produced to the highest standard. The tackers are extremely reliable and easy to maintain, which also means that repair, service and maintenance costs are minimal. Is the nailer in need of repair? We offer repair services for tools purchased from us.

Want to know more about 23 gauge finishing nails? We are ready for you!

Our product specialists are happy to help you find the right tools and materials for your job. Our dedicated team is ready to answer all your questions and advise you on the best solutions. You can contact us by telephone on the telephone number +31 (0)570 768 737. Of course you are also welcome to send us a email or via contact form to send your question on the website.