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BestFix Tackershop about the safe use of tackers

When you realize that in the wrong hands, some fastening tools can cause serious injury or death, you realize that using tackers safely is a must!

That is why we are happy to give you the top 10 rules that can prevent injury:

Read both the safety & operating manual and the technical data booklets before using the tool Do not expose compressors, power tools or chargers to rain or use power tools and charger in damp or wet conditions
Always wear eye protection when working with
fastening tool. The eye protection must protect against flying particles on both the FRONT and SIDES
Never shoot the fasteners at yourself or anyone else
Never point a tool at yourself or anyone else, whether it contains fasteners or not, or is not connected to air or a battery Use only with compatible fuel cells and batteries and DO NOT use oxygen and flammable gases as an energy source for pneumatically powered tools
Never carry tools with the trigger pulled. Use cordless gas tools only in well-ventilated areas
Remove power source from tool when not in use (disconnect tool from air supply or remove battery) Never place a hand or any other body part near the nose of the tool