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Outlet Coil nails

Here you find coil nails which are discontinued because off with variant length and/or changed box contents 

Manufacturer: BestFix Model: N230R38G8GYP
**SALE** Coil nail on a flat spool with ring shaft and trumpet head special for plasterboard Diameter shaft: ø 2,30 mm Length: 38 mm Qty: 12.210 pcs (opened box – normal qty 14.000 pcs)..
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Manufacturer: BestFix Model: F25075
**SALE** Coil nail with plain shaft on a flat spool Diameter shaft: ø 2,50 mm Length: 75 mm Qty: 5.625 pcs (opened box – normal qty 6.000 pcs)..
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Manufacturer: BestFix Model: F27S65SS
**SALE – only 1 box left** Stainless steel coil nail with screw shaft on a flat wound spool. Stainless steel is used in applications where maximum protection is required and the other finishes are not sufficient. Diameter shaft: ø 2,70 mm Length: 65 mm Qty: 9.000 pcs per box..
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