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Microbrads 21G

Want to buy microbrads 21G? Microbrads are also known as finishing nails or finishing nails. These small but sturdy fasteners play an essential role within the world of construction and woodworking. Create seamless and professional finishes, whether fixing trim, attaching parquet, mounting veneers or finishing furniture. Check out the different microbrads on offer from and place an order immediately.

Manufacturer: BestFix Model: 21GO/
Galvanized micro brad 21 gauge is available in the following lengths: 12 mm - 5.000 pcs per box 12 mm - 14.000 pcs per box 15 mm - 5.000 pcs per box 15 mm - 14.000 pcs per box 18 mm - 5.000 pcs per box 18 mm - 14.000 pcs per box 21 mm - 5.000 pcs per box 21 mm - 14.000 pcs per bo..
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Manufacturer: BestFix Model: 21G/35SS
Stainless Steel micro brad 21 gauge Length: 35 mm Qty: 9.000 pcs per box The SS Micro Brad 21G is equal to: Basso Kit Pro M Prebena JA Union JA..
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What are microbrads 21G used for?

Microbrads 21G have a small head and a diameter of 0.8mm. Thanks to their small size, the 21 gauge finishing nails are often used for finishing fine wood materials. Do you want to be sure that the nails are not visible? Then you can also consider opting for headless finishing nails. In English, finishing nails with a head are called "brads" and this word is often adopted into Dutch. Headless "brads" are known as "pins".

What distinguishes 18G nails from nails is their thin size and rectangular head. This head is the same width as the shaft but deeper, resulting in greater bonding force. Despite the improved adhesion, less force is required to pull the head through the top layer compared to nails with a larger, round or truncated head. The minibrad offers significant advantages for fine carpentry. However, it is good to know that they are not suitable for larger construction purposes, as they do not have the same pull-out value as nails and screws.

The benefits of micro brads

One important advantage to highlight is that micro brads are ideal for finer work. They cause minimal damage to the wood surface and leave almost no visible traces on the surface. This makes them perfect for tasks where aesthetics and precision are of great importance. The micro brad provides a stronger fastening compared to the headless variant (Pin8). This is because the head of the micro brad provides a higher pull-out strength.

How do I use micro brads?

Micro brads are often shot into materials using a pneumatic nailer. With a nailer, 21-gauge finishing nails can be shot into the surface quickly and easily. A tip for the best use of a pneumatic micro brad nailer: the correct air pressure depends on the type of material you're fastening and the size of the finish nails. Many nailers allow you to adjust the pressure setting yourself. This way, you can set the 21G finish nail to be flush or, if desired, slightly deeper into the surface.

Nikema M10-MG30 is, in our opinion, the choice for parquet layers. This lightweight nailer offers ultimate comfort and precision. Thanks to the rubber handle, you can work effortlessly and accurately for a long time. With a 360-degree swiveling air outlet, you are always flexible in every working position. The Nikema M10-MG30 also has a safety plug. Furthermore, this powerful nailer comes in a handy plastic case. It is suitable for 21G finish nails with a range of 12 mm to 30 mm for fastening material.

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