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Pneumatic tackers

Looking for pneumatic tools? Pneumatic devices use compressed air as an energy source, which means there is no electricity involved. They offer numerous advantages such as fast response times, accuracy and high reliability in various applications. Would you like to buy a pneumatic stapler, pneumatic nail gun or pneumatic tackers? Check out the offer and place an order.

Please Note:
All our pneumatic devices come with an Euro coupling (air passage ø 7 mm). This is the most common coupling and is definitely recommended in combination with air pressure equipment for heavier work.

Manufacturer: Omer Model: 12.28
Brad Nailer 12.28 by Omer® is a professional high quality pneumatic finish nailer. The 18G brad tacker has a rubber handle for comfort and a stable grip during use. The bradder is lightweight and easy to handle, which means it can reach any surface effectively and can be used easily for extended per..
€338.80 €423.50
Ex Tax:€280.00
Manufacturer: Omer Model: 12.40
The pneumatic combi tacker 12.40 from Omer® is a reliable nailer for processing both regular brads and headless p[ins 18G. The air-driven finishing nailer is perfect for all kinds of jobs. This includes furniture, door and window frames, cabinet and drawer mounting, boat construction, skirting board..
€353.32 €441.65
Ex Tax:€292.00
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Manufacturer: Omer Model: 3G.16CL
The pneumatic 3G.16 CL from Omer® is a staple gun for fine wire staples type 71 and has an extra long magazine. The pneumatic tackers of Omer are produced to the highest standard. The devices are extremely reliable and easy to maintain, which also means that repair, service and maintenance costs ..
€285.56 €356.95
Ex Tax:€236.00
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Manufacturer: Omer Model: 3G.16SL
The pneumatic 3G.16 SL from Omer® is a staple gun for fine wire staples type 71 and has an extra long nose, perfect for upholstery, for example. The pneumatic tackers of Omer are produced to the highest standard. The devices are extremely reliable and easy to maintain, which also means that repai..
€285.56 €356.95
Ex Tax:€236.00
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Manufacturer: Omer Model: 80.16
The Omer 80.16 tacker is a compact and powerful stapler, capable of daily intensive use. Because of the small nose of the stapler, it is exceptionally useful for use with aluminum draft profiles and L profiles. There is no noseprotection on this stapler which makes is a very easy to work with stap..
Ex Tax:€217.00
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Manufacturer: Omer Model: B12.450
This pneumatic Omer® Tacker B12.450 is a high quality professional finishing nailer manufactured in Italy. It is a replaced and improved version of the well-known 12.50. It processes 18G brads with a length of 20 mm to 50 mm. Is ideally suited for multiple applications, such as fixing moldings, base..
Ex Tax:€440.00
Action product: Nikema M10-MG30 with 21G brads Action product: Nikema M10-MG30 with 21G brads
Manufacturer: Nikema Model: A710000M09 - 21GO/
MEGA DEAL: M10-MG30 + 21G brads Now extra cheap and with free 21G brads. About the Nikema M10-MG30 This pneumatic bradnailer of Nikema® is suitable for 21G finishing brads. This tacker handles microbrads from 12 mm to 30 mm. Features: Comfortable rubber handle 360 degree rotat..
€302.50 €461.25
Ex Tax:€250.00
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: C31/45-A1
The roofing nailer C31/45-A1 by Basso Kitpro® gives a reliable fixation without tearing the roofing or sheet material. This coilnailer, for round head nails, comes with safety glasses and tacker oil in a plastic carry case..
Ex Tax:€695.00
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Manufacturer: MAX Model: CN452S
The MAX CN452S is equipped with an adjustable air outlet and depth adjustment, double firing prevention, comfortable rubber grip and a loose V nose for wooden floors. The CN452S shoots nails from 25 to 50mm...
€943.80 €1,179.75
Ex Tax:€780.00
Manufacturer: Fasco Model: F1AMB-25A
Pneumatic bradnailer by Fasco® for 21G micro brads. The compact size (H = 165 mm) af this micro brad tacker is particularly suitable for flooring to use in small spaces eg. radiators (convectors) The bradder has a comfortable rubber grip...
Ex Tax:€275.00
Nikema M10-80/16  for staples type 80
Manufacturer: Nikema Model: A710000A09
Pneumatic stapler by Nikema® for staples type 80 Comfortable rubber grip 360 degree rotating air outlet Safety trigger..
Ex Tax:€179.00
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Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: SX1838-E
Pneumatic stapler SX1838 by Bostitch® for staples type 90 is oil-free and requires only minimal maintenance. Fires staples from 12 mm upto 38 mm in length Magnesium Housing Rubber Comfort Grip Oil Free Engine Anti Slip Bumpers Locking Trigger Selectable Trigger Selectable from s..
€217.68 €310.97
Ex Tax:€179.90
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What are pneumatic tools?

A pneumatic device is a machine that uses compressed air to generate mechanical movements. It works by passing a certain amount of pressurized air from one part to another. The air is compressed by means of a compressor. This compressor compresses the air so that it is under high pressure. This high pressure change then causes pistons or cylinders to be driven to drive or rivete a fastener.

Some examples of pneumatic devices are: the pneumatic stapler, pneumatic nail gun, pneumatic staple gun and a pneumatic nail tacker. Pneumatic systems are flexible and suitable for different applications in various industries. This handy equipment is widely used in industry due to its simple design, low cost and efficiency. The pressure control allows you to control the accuracy of your work and the force used.

Coupling for pneumatic tools

A coupling in a pneumatic device is a mechanical part used to connect compressed air lines. It acts as a link between various pneumatic components, such as cylinders, valves and other components. Couplings allow compressed air lines to be connected and disconnected quickly and safely, making it easy to assemble and disassemble pneumatic systems. Couplings are essential components for pneumatic devices and systems to function efficiently in a variety of industries.

Note: our pneumatic tools are supplied as standard with a Euro coupling with an air passage of ø 7 mm. This is the most common coupling and is recommended in combination with pneumatic equipment for heavier work. It is also possible to choose an Orion coupling with an air passage of ø 5mm, which you can order.

Accessories for your pneumatic nailer

If you are looking for pneumatic nailer accessories for your pneumatic stapler or pneumatic nail gun, you can also contact us. We have a wide range of supplies for a pneumatic nail tacker. You can think of various couplings and finish nails in different types, sizes and materials . For example, does your job require 21G microbrads made of galvanized steel or are you looking for finishing nails made of plastic? We have a suitable solution for every project.

Place an order in our webshop

Pneumatic devices are robust and easy to maintain. Have you found pneumatic tools that meet your requirements and would you like to buy a pneumatic nail gun or pneumatic tackers, for example? Place an order on the Best-Fix webshop and enjoy our excellent service. We supply quality products and have a large stock, so you will always find the tool that meets your needs.

Not sure which device is suitable or would you like to receive more information? Feel free to contact us, we have good knowledge of our products. You can use our contact form or send a email. Prefer to contact us directly? Then you can call +31 (0)570 768 737 .

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