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Special fasteners

In addition to the well known fasteners such as staples, brads, pins and coil nails there are also fasteners that are not really catchable under one denominator. These are our special fasteners

If you can't find it here either, give us a call. We do our best to find it for you.

Model: FENCE40
FENCE40 is a galvanized staple (class 4) with a zinc coating of at least 350 g / m (50 µm), a patent-pending Diamond Coating for durability. With divergent points for added holding strength. This staple is specially for the fence tacker F46 FENCE 40-315 from Fasco® for fencing, animal cages et ce..
Manufacturer: BestFix Model: FLEX53
Flex tabs type 53 for securing rear walls or glass in picture frames. The Flexipoints 53 are suitable for, among other things, the pneumatic tacker 53.4 from Omer The flexible tabs have a length of 15 mm and come in a package of 5,000 pcs..
Manufacturer: BestFix Model: FLN-
Galvanised flooring nails type FLN on stick Available in the following lengths: 38 mm (FLN-150) - 1.000 pcs per box 50 mm (FLN-200) - 1.000 pcs per box..
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Manufacturer: BestFix Model: GTPIN
The GTPIN Concrete Nail, also called Trackfast Pin, is made of extra hardened steel on a strip and is available in the following lengths: 17 mm - 1.000 pcs per box 20 mm - 1.000 pcs per box 30 mm - 1.000 pcs per box 35 mm - 1.000 pcs per box 40 mm - 1.000 pcs per box Note: Fuel ce..
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Manufacturer: Omer Model: 53.4
The Omer® pneumatic tacker 53.4 is especially suitable for quick fastening the back covers in picture frames. By sliding the device along the woodwork, the metal tabs (Flex tabs) can easily be shot into the wooden frame. The flexibility of the tab also allows for easy removal of the back panel witho..
Manufacturer: BestFix Model: VNAIL/..
V-nails for corner joints of frames. The V-nails are available in the following lengths: 07 mm - 4.000 pcs per box 10 mm - 3.000 pcs per box 12 mm - 3.000 pcs per box 15 mm - 2.000 pcs per box These V-nails are fits in a.o. the framing tacker VN11.15 by Omer..
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