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Looking for a reliable Kitpro Basso tacker? Tackers are designed to shoot brads and staples into materials with ease. Kitpro is a product line from the manufacturer Basso. Basso Industry Corporation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of pneumatic tools. Their products, such as Kitpro tackers, are produced in Taiwan. Check out the various tackers in the selection and place an order.

The History of Kitpro Basso

Kitpro Basso is a manufacturer of fastening devices that significantly simplify your work. We'd be happy to tell you more about the history of Kitpro Basso. Basso was founded in 1983, specifically for the production of pneumatic fastening tools. Thanks to their focus on research, development, and quality, Kitpro Basso was the only Taiwanese manufacturer in its sector to be ISO 9001 certified in 1995.

In addition, Kitpro Basso is also certified according to ISO 14001. This indicates that Kitpro Basso not only strives for sustainable business and growth but also places great value on environmental protection. In 1999, Kitpro Basso became a publicly traded company on the 'over-the-counter' market and was listed on the TWSE (Taiwan Stock Exchange) on June 21, 2000.

How to Use a Kitpro Basso Tacker?

Planning to acquire a Kitpro Basso tacker? Almost all Kitpro Basso tackers are pneumatic tackers. This means they use an air compressor to generate power. An air compressor works by drawing in air and compressing it into a storage tank. When you pull the trigger, it releases the compressed air. The sudden outflow of air generates a significant amount of energy, which is then used to shoot a finish nail or staple at high speed into a surface. Make sure to educate yourself on how to use tackers safely. On our information page, we provide 10 usage rules to help you use tackers safely.

If you are using a pneumatic tacker for the first time, here's what you need for your initial work with pneumatic tools:

  • A pneumatic tacker
  • Appropriate fastening materials (depending on your application and your tacker)
  • An air compressor
  • An air hose
  • Quick-connect plugs (usually included with equipment purchase)
  • Safety couplings (for safe compressor use)

Highly Comprehensive Tacker

Are you looking for an extremely comprehensive tacker? The Basso Kitpro B18/55-F4 is the choice for both professionals and enthusiastic DIYers. With its built-in LED light for optimal visibility, versatile capacity for 21G brads from 15 mm to 55 mm, and built-in safety features, this pneumatic brad nailer is a true must-have. Weighing only 1.4 kg and featuring convenient functions like depth adjustment and single/sequential shooting, this tool offers ultimate ease of use. The included accessories complete this kit.

Order a Kitpro Basso Tacker Directly

Looking for a new tacker? Consider ordering one of the Kitpro Basso tackers! In our selection, you'll find various tools for fastening nails and staples into materials such as concrete, wood, and fabric. Do you have a specific question about a Kitpro Basso product or want to know its benefits? Feel free to contact us by using the contact form or send an email. Prefer direct contact? You can also call us at +31 (0)570 768 737.

Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: B16/50-D1
Pneumatic brad tacker B16 / 50-D1 from Basso Kitpro® for both the 16G finishing nails and the extra hard carbon brads 15G. This finishing nailer processes brads with a length of 20 mm to 50 mm. The bradnailer is especially suitable for fixing skirting boards / squared timber for suspended ceil..
Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: B23/25-A1
The B23/25-A1 from Basso Kitpro® is a pneumatic finishing nailer for the Pin 6 (23G) headless finishing nails. This bradnailer is suitable for fine moldings, parquet and as a jiont to allow adhesice jionts to dry. The B23/25-A1 from Bosso Kitpro® is supplied in a plastic carrying case...
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: C31/45-A1
The roofing nailer C31/45-A1 by Basso Kitpro® gives a reliable fixation without tearing the roofing or sheet material. This coilnailer, for round head nails, comes with safety glasses and tacker oil in a plastic carry case..
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: AB20/64-A1
The Kitpro Basso AB20/64-A1 is an angled cordless finishing tacker. This tacker is driven by a mechanical drive. This ensures that the consumption costs are low and that work can also be done at low temperatures, in contrast to a gas-powered tacker. This Tacker shoots 2,200 FNP brads per battery cha..
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: B18/55-F4 + Ledlamp
The Basso Kitpro B18/55-F4 is the ultimate pneumatic bradnailer for professionals and do-it-yourselfers who strive for precision and efficiency. Manufactured by renowned manufacturer Basso Kitpro®, this is an 18G bradnailer that has it all. This powerful tool features a built-in LED light for opt..
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: S8/75NQ-A1
Pneumatic staple gun S8/75NQ-A1 by Basso Kitpro® for staples type S5 and type Q The stapler for wide crown staples comes with a small bottle of tacker oil safety glasses...
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: B18/55-A1
Pneumatic bradnailer B18/55-A1 by Basso Kitpro® for 18G mini brads and headless brads type Pin I. This combi tacker fires 18G brads and 18G pins from 15 mm upto 55 mm in length..
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: B21/45-A1
Pneumatic bradnailer B21/45-A1 from Basso Kitpro® for both 21G brads and pins with safety. The professional combi bradtacker is ideal for parquet and decorative frames. The finishnailer fires both micro brads Ø 0,84 mm and pins 21G (pins 8) from 12 mm up to 45 mm in length The tacker as a prac..
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: BS1416/67-A1
Pneumatic combi tacker BS1416/67-A1 by Basso Kitpro® for T-nails ø 2,2mm and staples type 14 and S5..
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: BS50-A1
Pneumatic combi tacker BS50-A1 by Basso Kitpro® for staples type 90 and mini brads 18G The combi stapler/bradder comes in a plastic carry case...
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: 18/32-2
Pneumatic bradnailer B18/32-A2 by Basso Kitpro® for 18G micro brads. The bradder fires mini brads from 10 mm up to 32 mm in length. The brad tacker comes in a plastic carry case..
Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: A34/64-A1
Pneumatic bradnailer A34/64-A1 by Basso Kitpro® for brads type DA. This bradder fires angled brads from 25 mm up to 64 mm in length The brad tacker has a magazine under 34° angle for easy access..
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