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Manufacturer: Maestri Model: ME4000
This durable Maestri® electric tacker is produced in Europe and is particularly suitable for upholstering furniture. Processes type 4000 staples in lengths 8 mm to 20 mm. The electric stapler ME4000 has an extra long cord of 3.5 meters...
Manufacturer: Maestri Model: ME80
This electric stapler from Maestri® is produced in Europa and ideal for upholstery. Fires staples type 80 in length 8 mm up to 16 mm The staple tacker ME80 has an extra long cord of 3,4 meters..
Rocamatica 114 for staples 37 and 18G brads Rocamatica 114 for staples 37 and 18G brads
Manufacturer: Maestri Model: ROCAMATICA114
Rocamatica 114 is a battery tacker from the Maestri® brand, suitable for staples type 37 (5-14 mm) and mini brads 18G (15 mm). Due to its light weight, the combi tacker is easy to take with you to any workplace. Features: The body of the staple gun is made of reinforced nylon 3.7 V lithiu..
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