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Omer 12.28 for 18G brads
Manufacturer: Omer Model: 12.28
Pneumatic bradder 12.28 by Omer® The tacker with comfortable rubber grip fires 18G mini brads from 10 mm up to 28 mm in length...
Manufacturer: Omer Model: 12.40GA
Special glazing bradder 12.40G by Omer® The glazing tacker fires 18G mini brads from 25 mm upto 40 mm in length Special designed nose device with safety Comfortable rubber grip Depth control Sequential trip or contact trip Transparant magazine..
Manufacturer: Omer Model: 50.16
The 50.16 by Omer® is a lightweight and well-balanced tacker with a comfortable rubber grip. The stapler has a rear exhaust. The staple gun fires staples type 95 from 4 mm upto 16 mm in length The pneumatic stapler comes with a small bottle with tacker oil..
Manufacturer: Omer Model: 80.16
The Omer 80.16 tacker is a compact and powerful stapler, capable of daily intensive use. Because of the small nose of the stapler, it is exceptionally useful for use with aluminum draft profiles and L profiles. There is no noseprotection on this stapler which makes is a very easy to work with stap..
Manufacturer: Omer Model: 90.38FL
The 90.38FL2 by Omer ® is a pneumatic flooring tool perfect for where large areas of hardwood flooring need to be laid. It drive staples accurately and quickly. The floor stapler feature a tool-free adjustable foot for different floor thicknesses. The floor stapler fires staples type 90 from 25 ..
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Manufacturer: Omer Model: 92.25D
The pneumatic tacker 92.25D by Omer® is a special version for closing wooden gift boxes or the rear panel of a closet.The adjustable side ruler has a wheel that rolls along the side of the wine box to staple every time at the same distance from the edge. This special stapler fires staples type 92..
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Manufacturer: Omer Model: B6.35
Pneumatic bradnailer by Omer® for 23G brads and 23G pins. This combi tacker fires both brads and headless brads from 12 mm upto 35 mm in length Comfortable rubber grip Safety trigger No mar tip Belt hook..
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Manufacturer: Omer Model: Omer MCF.12
This professional pneumatic tool will take Corrugated Fastenings with lengths of 7 to 12 mm and a width of 18.5mm. It features a rubber handle for comfort and to provide a stable grip though usage. ..
Manufacturer: Omer Model: MG30
Bradnailer MG30 by Omer® is suitable for both brads 21G as headless pins.The narrow nose of the combi tacker is perfect hard to reach areas and corners. The secondary trigger of the bradnailer prevents accidental firing. The bradder fires micro brads 21G and pins 8 from 12 mm upto 30 mm in length..
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Manufacturer: Omer Model: PL80.16LJ
The pneumatic plier PL80.16 LJ by Omer® is very suitable for making displays, box trays and staple lids, but also for headers and labels. The staple gun fires staples type 80 from 10 mm upto 16 mm in length The pneumatic stapler comes with a small bottle of tacker oil..
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Manufacturer: Omer Model: VN11.15
The pneumatic tacker VN11.15 by Omer® is specially for framing. The V-shaped nails must be placed in the corners of the frame. Because of the special shape, both parts of the frame are pulled toward each other. This creates a nice, tight corner joint. The tacker has an adjustable spacer which can be..
Manufacturer: Omer Model: SJK.16
Pneumatic staple tacker SJK.16 by Omer® The stapler fires narrow crown staples type SJK from 4 mm upto 16 mm in length...
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