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Manufacturer: Rapid Model: 43/8
Saple type 43/8 suitable for plier 1/43 from Rapid. Qty: 10.000 pcs..
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Manufacturer: Rapid Model: BTX10
** ONLY 3 AVAILABLE ** BTX10 is a cordless tacker from Rapid®, suitable for thin wire staples type 53 (4-10 mm). Ideal for upholstery, fixing textiles, picture frames, etc. The flat, short front makes it easy to drive staples in tight corners. The stapler comes wit 53/8 staples (200 pcs). Feat..
€47.41 €59.26
Manufacturer: Rapid Model: ClassicK1
The Rapid Classic K1 is one of world's most sold pliers. The obvious choice for florists, mail rooms, shops, offices and home. Adjustable anvil for pinning. This plier has a chromed surface and a throat depth of 40 mm. This hand plier uses staples 24/6 (6mm) and 24/8 (8mm) and staples upto 50 sheets..
€25.55 €36.50
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Manufacturer: Rapid Model: PBS151
When a job requires high speed and precise fastening, Rapid pneumatic tackers always deliver the best results. With a range that covers all needs, from simple fastening jobs around the house to professional applications and more specific challenges such as construction, our powerful, efficient produ..
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Manufacturer: Rapid Model: R34
Hand tacker R34 by Rapid® is a powerful, high durability and all steel staple gun meeting the high demands from professional users. The hand stapler is suitable for ceiling, isolation, foil, tapistery etcetera. The Rapid 34 fires staples type 11 (also called type 140) in length from 6 upto 14 ..
€56.78 €66.80
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Manufacturer: Rapid Model: PMP171
The pneumatic tacker PRO PMP171 from Rapid® processes headless finishing nails 23G. The micro pinner has a magnesium housing and a long nose for precision work. The PRO PMP171 is ideal for precision work on frames, door and window frames, skirting boards, etc. The pin nailer is supplied in a stur..
€116.25 €155.00
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