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Electric nailers are suitable for semi-professional and hobby users, who need to fix something quickly and do not have a compressor.

Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: AB20/64-A1
The Kitpro Basso AB20/64-A1 is an angled cordless finishing tacker. This tacker is driven by a mechanical drive. This ensures that the consumption costs are low and that work can also be done at low temperatures, in contrast to a gas-powered tacker. This Tacker shoots 2,200 FNP brads per battery cha..
Model: BTCN560M2-QW
The BTCN560 cordless Constructiontacker is ideal to carry out construction works on site. Work with 33 ° paper bonded or wire nails. All this without gas, cordless and without compressor for ultimate flexibility. The BTCN560 constructing tit nailer uses a fast rechargeable 18V 4.0Ah Li-Ion bat..
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Manufacturer: Maestri Model: ROCAMATICA114
The Combitacker Rocamatica 114 is a battery tacker and processes staples type 53 in lengths 5 mm to 14 mm and finishing nails 18G length 15 mm The tacker is supplied in a sturdy plastic carrying case, complete with 5,000 staples 8 mm and a charging cable...
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Manufacturer: Maestri Model: ME4000
This durable Maestri® electric tacker is produced in Europe and is particularly suitable for upholstering furniture. Processes type 4000 staples in lengths 8 mm to 20 mm. The electric stapler ME4000 has an extra long cord of 3.5 meters...
Manufacturer: Maestri Model: ME80
This electric stapler from Maestri® is produced in Europa and ideal for upholstery. Fires staples type 80 in length 8 mm up to 16 mm The staple tacker ME80 has an extra long cord of 3,4 meters..
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