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Cordless tacker

Manufacturer: DeWalt Model: DCN680D2
DCN680D2 battery tacker from DeWalt® contains the latest technology in battery-powered fastening tools. The finish nailer handles mini brads (18G) from 15-54 mm and has an easily adjustable depth setting. The included 2.0Ah XR batteries are interchangeable with all other 18V XR devices from DeWalt. ..
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: AB20/64-A1
The Kitpro Basso AB20/64-A1 is an angled cordless finishing tacker. This tacker is driven by a mechanical drive. This ensures that the consumption costs are low and that work can also be done at low temperatures, in contrast to a gas-powered tacker. This Tacker shoots 2,200 FNP brads per battery cha..
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Manufacturer: Rapid Model: BTX10
** ONLY 3 AVAILABLE ** BTX10 is a cordless tacker from Rapid®, suitable for thin wire staples type 53 (4-10 mm). Ideal for upholstery, fixing textiles, picture frames, etc. The flat, short front makes it easy to drive staples in tight corners. The stapler comes wit 53/8 staples (200 pcs). Feat..
€47.41 €59.26
Rocamatica 114 for staples 37 and 18G brads Rocamatica 114 for staples 37 and 18G brads
Manufacturer: Maestri Model: ROCAMATICA114
Rocamatica 114 is a battery tacker from the Maestri® brand, suitable for staples type 37 (5-14 mm) and mini brads 18G (15 mm). Due to its light weight, the combi tacker is easy to take with you to any workplace. Features: The body of the staple gun is made of reinforced nylon 3.7 V lithiu..
€81.60 €96.00
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An electric cordless battery tacker is a type of tacker that is powered by a rechargeable battery instead of a power cord. This makes the tacker portable and flexible to use. A battery powered tacker is used to efficiently staple staples or brads into various materials. It works by using a battery to power a mechanism that shoots fasteners into a surface at high speed.

At you will find high-quality electric tackers that are cordless and run on batteries. View our current offer on this page. Many products are in stock and are delivered quickly. Do you need more information? Then please contact our customer service. We also have electric tackers in our range that are connected with a cord.

How do electric tackers work?

The mechanism of a standard cordless tacker works by using electrical energy from the battery to tension a spring. When the trigger is pulled, the spring is released and pushes a hammer mechanism that shoots the brads into the material. The better and often more expensive battery tackers work on the basis of a flywheel. The advantage of a battery tacker with a flywheel is that the impact force is higher and that fasteners can be fired more quickly. For semi-professional and hobbyist users who want to fasten something quickly and do not have access to a compressor, electric tackers are a suitable choice.

What are the features, advantages and disadvantages?

A distinctive feature of the battery electric tacker is its portability. The lack of a cord allows the user to move freely while working. This is especially useful when working in hard-to-reach places or when moving between different workstations. In addition, most cordless tackers are designed with ergonomic handles for comfort during extended use.

Another important feature of a professional battery tacker is the adjustable impact force. This allows users to adjust the force to the material they are working in. Which ensures more accuracy and less damage to the material. Despite being battery operated, electric cordless battery tackers provide enough power to meet the needs of most jobs.

The disadvantage of electric tackers is that they are heavier than pneumatic tackers, and they are also often more expensive.

Battery tackers from the best brands

Our range includes electric battery tackers from the best brands, including Maestri and Basso Kitpro. Read more about our cordless battery tackers:

  • Combi tacker Rocamatica 114: a cordless tacker that processes staples type 53 in lengths 5 mm to 14 mm and finishing nails 18G with a length of 15 mm.
  • Kitpro Basso AB20/64-A1 for FNP brads: an angled battery finishing tacker driven by a mechanical drive.

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