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Pneumatic combi tacker (2-in-1)

Nikema M10-80-84/16 for staples type 80 and type 84
Manufacturer: Nikema Model: A710000A11
Pneumatic stapler M10 80-84/16 by Nikema® for staples type 80 and type 84 Comfortable rubber grip 360 degree rotating air outlet Safety trigger The tacker firest staples type 80 and type 84 from 6mm upto 16 mm..
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: B18/55-A1
Pneumatic bradnailer B18/55-A1 by Basso Kitpro® for 18G mini brads and headless brads type Pin I. This combi tacker fires 18G brads and 18G pins from 15 mm upto 55 mm in length..
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: B21/45-A1
Pneumatic bradnailer B21/45-A1 from Basso Kitpro® for both 21G brads and pins with safety. The professional combi bradtacker is ideal for parquet and decorative frames. The finishnailer fires both micro brads Ø 0,84 mm and pins 21G (pins 8) from 12 mm up to 45 mm in length The tacker as a prac..
€285.00 €380.00
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: BS1416/67-A1
Pneumatic combi tacker BS1416/67-A1 by Basso Kitpro® for T-nails ø 2,2mm and staples type 14 and S5..
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: BS50-A1
Pneumatic combi tacker BS50-A1 by Basso Kitpro® for staples type 90 and mini brads 18G The combi stapler/bradder comes in a plastic carry case...
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Bostitch SB-2in1  for brads 18G and staples 90
Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: SB-2in1
The Combi-tacker SB-2IN1 by Bostitch® is one of the most adaptable tools you can buy. This versatile bradder and stapler is perfect for the home enthusiast or light user who needs both a stapling and nailing tool. This allround tacker fires 18G brads and narrow crown staples (type 90) without the n..
€200.90 €287.00
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Manufacturer: Fasco Model: F23ACMB50
Pneumatic combi bradnailer from Fasco® for 21G microbrads and pin 8. The combi bradnailer nailer is supplied in a plastic carrying case...
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Manufacturer: Nikema Model: A430000A05
** Only 1 left Pneumatic staple gun 430-90-5000/32 by Nikema® for the so called Haubold staples type 5000 as well as for staples type 90. The combi tacker fires staples from 12 upto 32 mm in length Comfortable rubber grip Contact trip..
€215.00 €355.00
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Omer B6.35 for 23G brads and pins 6
Manufacturer: Omer Model: B6.35
Omer® Tacker B6.35 - The Ultimate Choice for Professionals As a professional in the construction or handyman industry, you know that tool quality, reliability and efficiency are crucial to the success of your projects. That's why we'd like to introduce you to the Omer® Tacker B6.35, a pneumatic f..
€356.80 €446.00
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Manufacturer: Omer Model: MG30
Bradnailer MG30 by Omer® is suitable for both brads 21G as headless pins.The narrow nose of the combi tacker is perfect hard to reach areas and corners. The secondary trigger of the bradnailer prevents accidental firing. The bradder fires micro brads 21G and pins 8 from 12 mm upto 30 mm in length..
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Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: F21PL-E
2-in-1 Strip Nailer F21PL-E from Bostitch for 21° plastic bonded nails with a round head. The device can be converted from a standard strip nailer to a special device for attaching BAT anchors within seconds by using a nosepiece (MCN-KIT3) which can be ordered separately. Handles strip nails with..
€431.90 €617.00
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Model: Everwin P850
Everwin combi tacker P850 shoots headless finishing nails type pin8 (21G) as well as microbrads 21G...
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A pneumatic combi tacker is a versatile device that can shoot both brads and staples. The tacker combines the functionality of two tools in a single device. This means saving space and costs, while increasing the efficiency and productivity of the work.

At we offer a wide range of pneumatic combi tackers, including top brands such as Bostitch, Omer and Basso Kitpro. View the products and read more about the different combi tackers (2-in-1). Discover the complete range of pneumatic tackers on our website.


All our pneumatic devices are supplied with a Euro coupling (air passage ø 7 mm). This is the most common coupling and is recommended in combination with air pressure equipment for heavier work. If you prefer to use an Orion coupling (air passage ø 5mm), please order this separately.

What is a pneumatic combi tacker?

A pneumatic combi tacker works on air and is a powerful and accurate tool. It combines the functionality of a brad and stapler powered by the powerful airflow of an air compressor. Pneumatic combi tackers offer high power and precision, making them ideal for heavy duty and professional use. They are robust, reliable and perfect for long-term use, provided the tackers are properly maintained.

How does a combi tacker work?

Our pneumatic combi tackers work in the same way: they fire or strike a fastener by rapidly moving air from one part of the tool to another. This displaced air is compressed (or compressed) and supplied by an air compressor. An air compressor has the function of compressing air to make it available under high pressure.

The disadvantages of combi tackers

A disadvantage of a combi tacker can be that the imprint of the firing pin is visible on the material. This is because the firing pin of a combi tacker has the width of the staple. As a result, you will see a weft next to the brad. This can be undesirable when you try to work minimally with as little impact on the material as possible.

Types of combi tackers

There are two types of combi tackers on the market: pneumatic and battery-powered. A pneumatic combi tacker is connected to an air compressor and works on air. But what if you need a wireless solution, for example for work on a construction site where there is no access to a power source? In that case, the combi tacker on battery comes into view. These tackers work on rechargeable batteries, which means they don't need cables or air compressors. They are portable and flexible, making them ideal for mobile work. While they are generally not as powerful as their pneumatic counterparts, they are still powerful enough for most everyday jobs.

Multi-purpose tacker

The pneumatic combi tacker is an extremely versatile and practical machine. Ideal for jobs that require frequent switching between brads and staples. Thanks to their impressive functionality, versatility and technical features, these combi tackers can be used in various situations.

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