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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: B23/25-A1
The B23/25-A1 from Basso Kitpro® is a pneumatic finishing nailer for the Pin 6 (23G) headless finishing nails. This bradnailer is suitable for fine moldings, parquet and as a jiont to allow adhesice jionts to dry. The B23/25-A1 from Bosso Kitpro® is supplied in a plastic carrying case...
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: B18/55-A1
Pneumatic bradnailer B18/55-A1 by Basso Kitpro® for 18G mini brads and headless brads type Pin I. This combi tacker fires 18G brads and 18G pins from 15 mm upto 55 mm in length..
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: B21/45-A1
Pneumatic bradnailer B21/45-A1 from Basso Kitpro® for both 21G brads and pins with safety. The professional combi bradtacker is ideal for parquet and decorative frames. The finishnailer fires both micro brads Ø 0,84 mm and pins 21G (pins 8) from 12 mm up to 45 mm in length The tacker as a prac..
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Omer B6.35 for 23G brads and pins 6
Manufacturer: Omer Model: B6.35
Omer® Tacker B6.35 - The Ultimate Choice for Professionals As a professional in the construction or handyman industry, you know that tool quality, reliability and efficiency are crucial to the success of your projects. That's why we'd like to introduce you to the Omer® Tacker B6.35, a pneumatic f..
€356.80 €446.00
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Manufacturer: Omer Model: MG30
Bradnailer MG30 by Omer® is suitable for both brads 21G as headless pins.The narrow nose of the combi tacker is perfect hard to reach areas and corners. The secondary trigger of the bradnailer prevents accidental firing. The bradder fires micro brads 21G and pins 8 from 12 mm upto 30 mm in length..
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Manufacturer: Basso Kitpro Model: B23/35-A1
Pneumatic brad tacker B23/35-A1 from Basso Kitpro® for pins 23G. This finish nailer processes headless brads with a length of 19 mm upto 64 mm The bradnailer is suitable for crating, moldings, furniture and carpentry. Bradder B16/64-A1 comes in a plastic carry case...
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Manufacturer: Bostitch Model: TU2162330K-E
The pneumatic bradnailer TU-216-2330K by Bostitch® for headless 23 gauge brads type Pin 6 is is perfect for fine mouldings This tacker fires 23G pins from 15 mm upto 30 mm in length Aluminium housing Rubber comfort grip Compact nose Dail-a-depth Safety trigger Rear exhaust Co..
€200.90 €287.00
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Manufacturer: Nikema Model: A715000N01
Pneumatic pin nailer by Nikema® for 18G headless brads The tacker fires 18G pins type I from 15 mm upto 30 mm in length Comfortable rubber grip 360 degree rotating air outlet Safety on nose..
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Manufacturer: Arrow Model: PT23G
Pneumatic brader PT23G by Arrow® for headless brads 23G (PIN6). Arrow's PT23G is great for trim jobs, crafts and hobby jobs that require brad nails. The tacker has a lightweight, compact design with a 360° adjustable air outlet. The magazine is easy to load...
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